UK’s First Online Business Festival Launches To Help SME Owners ‘Locked Down’ At Home Due To Coronavirus Pandemic

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30 Experts in Digital Marketing, Business Development, Sales and Mental Health To Help SMEs Handle Their Business During The Coronavirus Lockdown.

The “Lockdown Business Festival” April 20–24th, 2020 is the latest brainchild of curator and networker extraordinaire, Andrew Ellis, the founder of Like Minds.

Like Minds has operated for 10 years in the UK featuring speakers from GQ Editor Dylan Jones, Editor GQ Magazine, Bruce Daisley, Ex-Twitter CEO EMEA and Jeremy Waite, Chief Strategy Officer, IBM who have spoken to its Mayfair audience at exclusive private members club 12 Hay Hill and Soho’s The Court.

Ellis’ annual Like Minds Ideas Festival last held in October 2019 at Exeter Castle, Devon saw over 350 high flying entrepreneurs and business leaders from Twitter, Amazon, IBM, Google, Virgin Atlantic and LinkedIn delivering keynotes and Masterclass sessions.

The online Like Minds “Lockdown Business festival” will run from 8am Monday 20th April and wrap up on 24th April at 6pm.

30 Business experts from around the globe will be beaming in.

The digital platform has a capacity of 100,000 delegates, enabling a truly profound, global experience.

Participants will include:

  • Tiffany St James, ex-Advisor to The Speaker of the House of Commons on “How to run an online interactive workshop” from London
  • Jake Shaw Futurist, Entrepreneur, film maker, podcaster and content creator on “How to create a podcast” from Somerset
  • Rob Pendleton ex-PricewaterhouseCoopers on Generating guaranteed business growth in the post-pandemic world from Cornwall
  • Peter Shankman, Futurist-in-Residence at Epic Marketing Consultants Corporation on “Help a reporter out” from New York
  • Rachael Howarth, ex-Digital Partnership Director, Auto Trader on Sales strategy from Devon
  • Richard Hillgrove, Founder of 6 Hillgrove PR who has represented PR for various BBC Dragons, Channel 4 Secret Milliionaires on how to ‘D.I.Y your own PR’
  • Chris Moss, ex-Marketing Director, Virgin Atlantic and creator of the Orange brand on “Looking to the future” from The South Downs and many more.

“The online Lockdown Festival is to help business pivot towards a more sustainable future where businesses can thrive online in a way they haven’t addressed before,” says Ellis.

“Masterclass Sessions are being led by some of the leading global practitioners in digital transformation, change management, business funding, and mental health to help SMEs and business owners cope with the impact that the lockdown has had on our businesses,” he says.

“The beauty is you can take part in it all from the comfort of your own home, where ever you are in the world”.

According to Ellis: “If you need help to bring your business fully online, pivot from your current strategy or just be made aware of the tools, strategies, and methodologies that you should look to implement during the current situation we’re all facing, this week-long series of hourly events are for you”.

Participants can view each session alongside a virtual table of ten attendees, all running their own individual businesses including the Masterclass host.

The sessions run every hour from 9am to 6pm, every day for a week so that everyone can juggle childcare and other family duties around the individual sessions.

“The Lockdown Business Festival” will help SME owners manage their businesses through the coronavirus hell ride towards a more positive and brighter future”.