If you’re considering joining as a member, you may have some questions about what we do and our membership packages.
Why do organisations choose to become SWBC members?

Answer: The reasons for joining our network are many and varied. Here are some of the key benefits our members value:

  • A unified voice: As a member, you’ll have a platform to highlight and address strategic issues affecting businesses in the region.
  • Peer support and networking: Our quarterly cross-sector networking events provide valuable opportunities to connect.
  • High level executive networking opportunities and personal introduction brokering.
  • Our help with understanding, engaging and leveraging the public, private and third sector networks.
Who are your members?

Answer: We collaborate with organisations of all sizes and sectors within the South West region. Our members operate across various industries, including:

  • Business/ employment services & training
  • Charities
  • Digital, technology & research 
  • Education
  • Hospitality, leisure & retail 
  • Manufacturing & engineering
  • Marine
  • Professional services
  • Property & construction
  • Public services & health care
  • Transport & infrastructure 
  • Utilities 
What is the profile of a typical member organisation?

Answer: Typically, our members want to:

  • Connect with key decision makers in leading businesses as well as the public and third sector.
  • Operate strategically in a senior, high-level networking environment.
  • Take a medium to long-term view and understand the importance of developing strategic relationships to grow their business.
  • All of our members are passionate about the future economy of the South West and believe SWBC is well positioned to represent the interests of the wider business community.
What feedback do your members give about your support?

Answer: When surveyed and asked how they would describe SWBC, our members said: 

  • “The collective voice and opinion of businesses in Devon and Cornwall, with the bonus of extensive networking.”
  • “SWBC provides a platform for local businesses to view the South West economy and opportunities from a far wider perspective than their own industry.”
  • “An organisation which promotes and gives a voice to businesses whilst investing in training and events to strengthen business opportunities, acumen and networks.”
  • “A professional network that connects businesses and stakeholders to lobby for change and strengthen the business community.”
  • “A champion for business in the South West – matching and developing appropriate skills with the requirements of local businesses with a view to businesses taking advantage of all opportunities to grow and prosper.”
  • “A forum where representatives from small, medium and large businesses can meet and network and learn from each other’s insight and experiences.”
How much does membership cost and how can I join?

Answer: We understand that every business requires tailored support from us. That’s why we offer customised membership packages with varying levels of benefits..

Reach out to us today by visiting our Contact Us page and let us help you find the perfect membership package for your organisation.

Reach out to us today by visiting our Contact Us page and let us help you find the perfect membership package for your organisation.