About us

The South West is an amazing region, where a prosperous business landscape with significant economic opportunities meets the breathtaking backdrop of sea, coast and land.

Convene, Inform, Connect

As a Community Interest Company, we are determined to play a role in how our region and its environment prosper, by helping to create the very best economic circumstances for people and businesses to thrive.

Our team brings a wealth of experience from the worlds of finance, law, education, communications, digital, social enterprise, and the environment, and we run a Policy Advisory Board to help shape our future thinking and the support we provide to members.

Our members have the opportunity to access our trusted partners and key industry connections to help fulfil your growth plans, secure investment, establish valuable partnerships, gain networking opportunities, and achieve specific business objectives.

Pete Woodward

SWBC is an amazing organisation bringing expertise and a credible board with a wide reach within the South West. They really do champion our region.

Our experience and membership with them over the years has really helped us get visibility and insight to the amazing regional organisations.

Pete Woodward

CEO, Securious Limited