Top Tips for June from South West Cyber Resilience Centre

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The South West Cyber Resilience Centre has just issued the latest advice for SWBC members running charities and businesses in the South West. The SWCRC is a police-led organisation providing free cyber security support and advice. SWBC members can sign up for monthly cyber-risk assessments (written for business owners and professionals, not just for IT-geeks!) here:

June 2023 top cyber tips:

1. Look out this month for ‘restricted permission message’ (.rpmsg) attachments on your emails. They’re currently being used as a successful attack route: they’re protected files which you provide authentication to access, and that’s what’s being misused. Don’t open anything unexpected, and ensure you’ve got two factor authentication on your Microsoft accounts.

2. Do you use browser extensions? A number of Chrome extensions have been found to contain malicious code: sometimes redirecting your searches, but sometimes more. Think about what you really need on your company devices and uninstall what you don’t. Top offenders: Autoskip for Youtube; Crystal Ad block; Brisk VPN; Clipboard Helper; Maxi Refresher; Quick Translation; Easyview Reader view; PDF toolbox.

3. Is your mobile device safe? One report has found around 9 million phones which come with pre-installed malicious software. The phones are cheap, and (for now) mostly found in Eastern Europe and South East Asia from suppliers who are cutting corners. The risk also applies to other connected devices. It’s probably worth paying a premium for something reputable, if you want security built in.