Student’s pen business inspired by College experience day

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A student is reaping the rewards of her new pen business after finding inspiration at a college experience day.

Level 3 Engineering student at Cornwall College St Austell, Sophie Millington, attended the experience day at the College when she was in year 10 at Penrice Academy.

During the day, she manufactured a simple brass pen using a lathe. Sophie’s family had inherited a lathe so she began making her own pens.

“I had seen my Dad use the lathe at home before and after the experience day at College I discovered you could make pens with it,” Sophie explained.

“I am now looking to set up a little business from home, my family are really happy to see the lathe being used.”

Sophie is using the money made from her pen sales to buy new tools to speed up the manufacturing process.

“It takes around four hours to make each pen, so I am now starting to look into investing more into the business,” Sophie continued.

“I am thoroughly enjoying the engineering course at Cornwall College St Austell. My Dad studied engineering at college so I feel I am following in his footsteps a little. The course is definitely teaching me skills which are going to help me with my business going forward.”

Sophie is intending on going to university and running her pen business as a sideline.

“It’s exciting to see where it takes me,” she added.

Electrical Engineering Lecture at Cornwall College St Austell, Jon Berry, said Sophie is an “excellent student” who has shown a real interest in all aspects of engineering.

“Sophie has proved some really good understanding in terms of engineering theory and she has also shown some really strong practical ability,” he said.

“It is fantastic to see how Sophie is expanding her ideas and planning for the future.”

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