Securious partners with Darktrace and to deliver pioneering new cyber security package to clients

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Securious is delighted to announce its new partnership with Darktrace and, two world-leading cyber security providers, to support the delivery of its new Managed Detection and Response (MDR) package of industry-leading cyber security tools.

The MDR package will pair Darktrace’s and’s products with Monikal, Securious’ own SIEM solution. The result is a comprehensive cyber security package that will give Securious clients live 24/7 monitoring and visibility of their environments (on-site and remote), including threat detection and automated alerts that are overseen by their team of analysts (through Monikal); security against unknown threats (through Darktrace); and protection from known threats outside their own environments, such as the dark web (through

Darktrace delivers self-learning artificial intelligence (AI) solutions that take cyber security to a new level by thwarting previously unknown threats before they can inflict damage to your network or devices. With no prior knowledge, it is able to interrupt in-progress cyber-attacks in seconds. It works against ransomware, email phishing, and threats to cloud environments and critical infrastructure.

For example, Antigena Email from Darktrace neutralises every type of email threat – including phishing, spear-phishing and ransomware attacks – without relying on manual intervention, pre-existing lists or reputation checks. The technology examines every email in the context of its evolving understanding of ‘normal’ and stops those that are malicious while leaving legitimate emails to reach their destination.

While Darktrace neutralises previously unknown threats, SAGA,’s suite of solutions, provides unprecedented protection against digital risks outside clients’ networks with monitoring of the surface, deep and dark web, so Securious’ clients can avoid becoming potential targets of fraud.

Darktrace and SAGA will be perfectly complemented by Securious’ SIEM solution, Monikal, which has been specially designed to give mid-level organisations full visibility of their IT environments, monitoring activity and flagging anything suspicious for investigation while keeping a historic record of activity for forensic purposes.

Pete Woodward, Securious Founder and CEO, comments:

“This is an exciting moment for Securious. To be able to integrate some of the most advanced cyber security technologies available and offer clients live, 24/7 protection has been a dream of mine for years. With Darktrace, SAGA and Monikal, it has become a viable option at a comfortable pricepoint.”

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