Exeter-based agency achieves one of the lowest CO2e footprints in the South West

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Award-winning Exeter agency Absolute PR and Marketing has been independently accredited and recognised for its work to reduce its CO2e footprint to 10 times less than the average person in the UK. The agency’s Future Net Zero verified footprint, covering the period September ‘20 to September ‘21, was assessed by ‘Make it Net Zero’ programme provider, SWMAS and is one of the lowest they have ever seen.

In the 12-month timeframe, Absolute PR and Marketing produced a total of 1,129kg of CO2e, equivalent of heating a house on full power for 80 days or driving from London to Edinburgh and back five times*. With just 35% of its total footprint attributed to energy usage, the office-based agency has slashed its greenhouse gas emissions whilst continuing to grow, ensuring the business has minimal impact on the surrounding environment.

Absolute PR and Marketing’s offices are heated by a biomass heating system, electricity is provided by renewable green energy, and water supplies are sourced from a nearby spring. With the average company producing one tonne of CO2e per employee, Absolute PR and Marketing’s CO2e footprint is one of the lowest SWMAS has ever seen.

Paul Gilbert at SWMAS, said: “Under the ‘Make it Net Zero’ initiative, Absolute PR and Marketing is aiming to achieve a 50% reduction in emissions by 2030 as part of the UN’s broader ‘Race to Zero’ Campaign.

“Compared to many other SMEs, Absolute’s CO2e footprint for Scope 1 and 2 emissions are remarkably low. By making a conscious effort to reduce its emissions, Absolute is well on the way to achieving a carbon neutral footprint not only ahead of schedule, but in a way which shows a serious and responsible commitment to tackling climate change at source.”

The Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Standard categorises a company’s greenhouse gas emissions into three Scopes. Scopes 1 and 2 are mandatory to report, with Scope 1 covering direct emissions from owned or controlled sources, and Scope 2 covering indirect emissions from the generation of purchased electricity, steam, heating, and cooling consumed. Scope 3 is voluntary and covers all indirect emissions – not included in Scope 2 – that occur within the value chain of a company.

Paul adds: “We’re noticing that an increasing number of organisations are relying on purchasing carbon credits to offset the thousands of tonnes of harmful emissions they’re producing, instead of taking action to prevent greenhouse gases from entering our atmosphere in the first place. It’s fantastic to see that the team at Absolute are taking a more pro-active approach, implementing practices which don’t produce carbon emissions – full stop. As a result, Absolute PR and Marketing will need to purchase minimal carbon credits to achieve carbon neutral status.”

Since Absolute PR and Marketing’s CO2e measurement was recorded in September 2021, the agency has focussed on reducing its Scope 3, reducing its business mileage by holding more virtual meetings whenever possible, introducing a cycle to work scheme and reducing single use plastics in the business.

Rachael Whitson, Managing Director at Absolute PR and Marketing, said: “By measuring our carbon footprint and taking proactive steps to reduce it further over the last 12 months, we’ve met our Scope 1 and 2 commitments, which puts us ahead of schedule for achieving our goal of becoming a carbon neutral agency by 2025.

“As part of the Race to Net Zero, we are now focussing on our Scope 3 emissions, by adopting a leadership role and using our influence and collaboration to encourage carbon reduction in our supply chain, and among our clients.

“We’re exceptionally proud of the progress we’ve made so far and look forward to driving further reductions in our CO2e footprint in line with our commitment to cause, community, and climate.”

In 2020 Absolute PR and Marketing pledged to become Net Zero by 2030 with the SME Climate Hub. The SME Climate Hub is partnered with the UN’s Race to Zero programme to which SWMAS and Future Net Zero are also signed up. SWMAS and Future Net Zero work closely with businesses and organisations to help them on their path towards Net Zero.

Absolute PR and Marketing is now working with its clients on developing their own sustainable journeys, helping them to define their roadmap to Net Zero and future communications.

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Absolute PR and Marketing provides public relations and marketing communications consultancy to a diverse range of B2B and B2C clients across the UK in the manufacturing, tech, recycling and waste management, leisure and tourism, property, health and food and drink sectors.

*Statistics provided by SWMAS.