Foot Anstey supports Celtic Sea Power powering the green economy in the South West and Wales

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Foot Anstey have been supporting Celtic Sea Power as they lead a project, part funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), called the Cornwall Floating Offshore Wind Accelerator. It’s part of a package of initiatives designed to accelerate the transition to a green economy in Cornwall, Wales and South-Wales. 

A report published in 2020 by ORE Catapult* estimated that the first gigawatt (GW) of Floating Offshore Wind (FLOW) in the Celtic Sea could potentially deliver over 3,000 jobs and £682m in supply chain opportunities for Wales and the South West by 2030. Four separate 1GW scale developments are planned by 2035, and 24GW by 2050. 

Lead by Legal Director, Brian Hitchcock, the Energy & Infrastructure team at Foot Anstey, started working with Celtic Sea Power in 2021. This was initially due to the team’s expertise in procurement. Celtic Sea Power needed an experienced team to support the procurement process of early enabling packages to support the investment decisions, supporting infrastructure and supply chain development.  

Since then, the firm have provided ongoing support to Celtic Sea Power in terms of early enabling packages, as well as sponsoring and participating in supply chain events in Cornwall. This includes “FLOW NOW”, a briefing to the business community of Cornwall and South West on the major opportunities, and challenges, of Floating Offshore Wind in the Celtic Sea. In April 2023 Foot Anstey participated as one of two UK law firms in a risk roundtable for the FLOW accelerator held in Bristol.   

In addition to its work with Celtic Sea Power, Foot Anstey are affiliated with and/or members of Celtic Sea Cluster, Marine Energy Wales and Maritime UK South-West. In June Brian attend the Celtic Sea Summit 2023 joining more than 200 delegates who gathered in the South-West to plan how the deployment of floating wind farms in the Celtic Sea can drive economic and social benefits in the region. 

To learn more about the work Foot Anstey do in this space please contact Brian Hitchcock, [email protected]