Demand for Creative Skills in our Digital World on the Rise

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The world and how it worked changed at a rapid rate almost a year ago and since then, various workplaces are continuing to refine their digital adaptations of their operations and even converting to making digital operations a primary focus moving forward.

Now that the world has been forced to focus on digital, many businesses are investing heavily in making their digital presence as strong as possible.

But, to not only establish a strong digital platform and maintain it, a wide range of creative skills that have historically been deemed as ‘hobbies’ or ‘unnecessary’ by some are now more important than ever and their importance will only increase over time.

Arts subjects and creative job roles are often misunderstood by many and what the purpose and value of them are. We’re already moving into a world where AI and automation are becoming more prominent in the workforce to increase the efficiency of certain processes, from production and manufacturing to customer support.

As this AI industrial revolution continues, it will allow more time for people to do what AI can’t do… Be creative.

Before the pandemic forced this digital focus on the world, Nesta had reported in 2018 that “jobs asking for creativity are far more likely to grow as a percentage of the workforce by the year 2030.”


Creativity also sits among the top five skills that the World Economic Forum reported are the sought-after skills of tomorrow, alongside critical thinking, complex problem solving, active learning and learning strategies, and analytical thinking and innovation.


So, now that this shift to digital will have no doubt been accelerated by covid-19, if you were ever considering a degree to study, now is the best time to consider a creative one.

At University Centre South Devon (UCSD), there are a range of creative foundation degrees that will provide you with specialist creative skills in all the areas the world is in demand of: graphic design, video and photography, web development and design, app development, and more.

Foundation degrees will also give you a great platform to progress and top-up with the third year of a bachelor’s degree at UCSD’s partner institutions to have two degrees to your name.

The creative foundation degrees on offer at UCSD are:

For more information, visit the course pages above at If you have any questions, get in touch with UCSD by calling 08000 21 31 81 or emailing [email protected].