Continued Growth Triggers Expansion for Acronyms at Plymouth Science Park

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An increased demand for IT support services has led to significant growth for a Plymouth-based IT support company.

As a result of the growth in business, Acronyms, which is based at Plymouth Science Park has expanded its office space to support the increased demand and to enable appropriate social distancing.

Business Development Director, Tom Moore says that additional desk space will be used for planned recruitment over the next few months, and that the company’s staff will benefit from a larger space for collaborative working, whilst following post-lockdown Coronavirus guidance.

Acronyms has worked throughout the pandemic to support their clients, which include care homes, charities and medical suppliers. Plymouth Science Park provided Acronyms with the space and facilities to follow social distancing guidance, so that they could remain in their offices, which they found was more efficient for problem solving and knowledge sharing, especially when working under extra pressure. At the company’s busiest point during the pandemic, they saw fielded calls increase by 260% from the typical average.

Tom said: “Plymouth Science Park has always helped us to help our clients, and throughout the pandemic has allowed us to maintain business as normal, so that we could keep many businesses operational during a time of uncertainty and upheaval. They’ve supported us further by making sure that we have the room required to grow, whilst demand for IT support is still high.

“We’re delighted that we’ve been able to expand at the Park as it will allow us to recruit throughout the remainder of 2020, as we continue to support businesses during these tricky times.”

Plymouth Science Park Business Development Manager, Fay Davies commented: “We are delighted to be working with Acronyms as they continue to grow and provide a vital service for a range of businesses during these challenging times. The collaborative and flexible approach at Plymouth Science Park has enabled them to develop their business and to expand their office space with limited disruption to day to day operations and we’re looking forward to watching them as they continue to thrive.”

Acronyms provide businesses with IT support in the form of an outsourced help desk, alongside a range of associated products and services including unified communications, internet connectivity and disaster recovery solutions. The business has been in operation since 2003 and currently employs 22 members of staff. Visit:

Plymouth Science Park offers a vibrant environment for ambitious science and technology businesses as they continue to grow their business, solving the problems of today and shaping the ideas of tomorrow. Visit: to discover more.