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West Country concrete

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The South West Business Council (SWBC) played a pivotal role in supporting their member West Country Concrete with the procurement of a new site, in order to support business ventures beyond traditional markets. 

West Country Concrete is a family-owned business deeply rooted in the construction and house building industry across Northern Devon. The manufacturer and supplier has a history of over 50 years crafting innovative concrete products and specialising in prestressed concrete panels and agricultural products.

West Country Concrete sought SWBC’s support with meeting the operational demands of a 24/7 production cycle, which presented logistical challenges from their production plant based in a small, historic North Devon village. 

SWBC recognised the need for a comprehensive approach and proposed the construction of a biodiversity processing plant next to the cattle market in Holsworthy. They facilitated a collaboration between West Country Concrete and Andigestion, a food waste recycling facility that converts waste into green energy. This led to the acquisition of a 30-acre site, resolving operational challenges for the business and setting the stage for future, sustainable growth. 

SWBC supported West Country Concrete’s move to their new premises by managing the planning and land negotiations using their network of influential, regional stakeholders. SWBC also aided the development of a local, integrated supply chain for the site, to support future business and research operations. The land provides opportunities for expansion into new markets, developing low-carbon concrete products for net-zero Floating Offshore Wind (FLOW) initiatives. 

West Country Concrete’s biodiversity processing plant has enabled them to double their workforce and turnover.

Kim Russam, the owner of West Country Concrete, said, “SWBC’s full package of support has been instrumental in establishing a bright future for our business.

“Their unique blend of insights, resources, and guidance has allowed us to overcome challenges, unlock new opportunities, and create a lasting impact in our industry and community. 

“Through strategic collaborations, they have enabled us to confidently navigate operational complexities and develop innovative new products that expand our core operations whilst supporting regional, sustainable projects.”

Paul Coles, CEO of the South West Business Council, said “We value our relationship with West Country Concrete and are proud to have played a key role in facilitating the acquisition of their new site. 

“Our commitment goes beyond this support; it’s about preserving the rich legacy of their family-run business and facilitating the expansion of their operations into new territories.”

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