Murder Mystery workshop tricks audience

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Students from the St Austell bay area found a novel way to ‘kill’ some time during the summer holidays.

The youngsters took part in a two day murder mystery workshop at Cornwall College St Austell, something participant Freja Henderson said she “thoroughly enjoyed”

A mix of students from the College, Brannel School and other local teenagers put together an intriguing and interactive performance in the Keay Theatre, with the help of acting lecturers Karen Burdon and Lydia Day.

Karen was impressed with the level of talent and professionalism that the students displayed, adding that “they all mixed well together and produced a fabulous final piece to be really proud of”.

Feedback from some of the parents that watched the show said that it was really enjoyable and well scripted.

The group of performers did such a convincing job that at the end of the final performance, when the audience was asked to pick out the murderer, the wrong killer was picked, finishing the two-day workshop on a fantastic high.

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