Creative Innovation and Growth Programme for Adult Social Care Businesses

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Funded by Devon County Council, The Creative Innovation & Growth (CIAG) Programme supports Adult Social Care businesses and organisations in Devon.  There are three elements within this package: the CIAG Grants Fund; CIAG Business Support; & CIAG Leadership Development.  The overall aim of the CIAG Programme is to increase sufficiency in the ASC sector.

Further information on the CIAG programme can be found on our webpages here and on the attached flyer.

Under this programme your business can access free 1:1 advice from business advisors and you may be able to access grant support towards innovative projects which help your business to grow and develop.

Revenue and Capital Grants (up to £80,000) are available under The Creative Innovation and Growth Grants Fund and we would invite you to apply to this fund if you think you have a project which supports one or more of the programme aims.

The programme has three aims:

  • To stimulate ‘edge of care’ outreach and prevention activities by: promoting and supporting independence; connecting people to their communities; keeping people healthier for longer; and thereby reducing the need for statutory intervention.
  • To increase sufficiency in the ASC sector across Devon by supporting the market (including personal, residential and unregulated care) to: grow; develop; and diversify, as appropriate.
  • To encourage innovation; take-up of new technology; new delivery models; and partnership developments.

If you have an idea for a project to support any of the above aims, we would love to hear from you!