The Interim Devon Carbon Plan

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The consultation of the Interim Devon Carbon Plan is now live! The 25 organisations who make up the Devon Climate Emergency (DCE) partnership prepared this collaborative roadmap to create a net-zero Devon where people and nature thrive and be Devon’s response to the global climate emergency.

Over the past year, the Net-Zero Task Force (a group of fifteen experts in areas including renewable energy, transport, planning and the built environment) have been developing the plan for creating a net-zero Devon. Citizens have inputted their ideas through the evidence gathering stage which was held at the start of this year.

The time has now come for you to offer further thoughts and feedback. Residents are asked to take part in the Interim Devon Carbon Plan consultation, which begins on Monday 7th December and lasts for 10 weeks.

DCE wants to hear your views on key actions that outline some of the transformational changes which are required to create a thriving net-zero Devon.

The Interim Devon Carbon Plan will be updated to a final plan after the Citizens’ Assembly, now in 2021 due to Covid-19.

All the actions within the Interim Devon Carbon Plan address the suggestions from the public call for evidence and thematic hearings and highlight issues suggested for further consideration by a Citizens’ Assembly.

The actions cover a broad range of topics which will allow us to build back better. Addressing the climate and ecological emergency is an opportunity to create a fairer, healthier, more resilient and more prosperous society.

More active travel; improved air quality; better insulation and warmer homes; reduced fuel poverty and eating more balanced diets will all improve public health.

The transition to clean technologies can create new jobs, improve energy security and increase economic prosperity – nationally and locally in Devon.

Enhancing the natural environment offers tremendous opportunities bringing benefits including reduced flood risk, improved water and air quality, nutritious food, and accessible greenspace.

DCE is requesting feedback from Devon’s citizens to indicate to what extent they agree with the proposed actions.

Furthermore, there is an opportunity for consultees to give their views on issues that are more controversial or challenging to implement.

These controversial issues will be prioritised for discussion at the Citizens’ Assembly in 2021 to ensure the recommendations in the Final Devon Carbon Plan reflect the views of Devon’s citizens.

Together, we can create a net-zero Devon where people and nature thrive.

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