The Cabinet Office; COVID-19 campaign

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The Cabinet Office South team, based in Bristol are currently working on the government’s COVID-19 campaign, and so have been sourcing case study examples of South West based businesses who have used Government guidance to continue working safely, or plan a return to work, whilst observing social distancing.

They are currently sourcing case studies of offices that are reopening, including videos going over the steps businesses have taken to reopen safely and how others can do the same, and encouraging others to check the Government guidance etc.

For video case studies, they are looking for a short video (60 seconds max) covering:

  • Brief introduction with name, title and organisation
  • Any changes you have made to continue working safely or return to work
  • If possible, to also recommend that other businesses look at the sector-specific guidance on the government website on how to work whilst following social distancing rules


An example quotepic case study is here, from Hawksmoor.

An example video from Brewdog is here.

A video from a Leeds hairdressers is here.

Bott LTD also recently completed a video case study for us.


Any content would be posted on their social media channels, @HMGSouthWest, and likely on a few other government department’s social media such as the Cabinet Office account.