SWCRC top tip for members

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You’re probably careful of emails – but be vigilant about messages coming via social media too.  LinkedIn, Facebook and Slack could be used to send you documents (job applications/ work requests/ invoices), or to pass on website links; and there are current examples of them being used by criminals. 

You can trust websites you know. As long as they’ve not been compromised! We’ve seen examples of breached sites being used to attack visitors… being used to display a note that ‘you should update your browser to access content.’ Look out for this, and if necessary, update your browser – and any other software – through the system settings, rather than through unexpected links.

If you’ve got a website, it may well be made up of lots of different components – booking calendars, contact forms, display themes. This is particularly relevant for WordPress sites. If you want your own site to be safe, ensure that you (or your web partner) are regularly updating these components, because they can frequently present insecurities.