Student tour leads straight to employment

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A sightseeing tour in North Cornwall has led straight to employment for tourism students.

Nineteen year old student Kate Reynolds from Cornwall College St Austell stepped up to lead a tour at Tintagel Castle and impressed so much she landed herself a job.

“I really enjoyed doing my guided tour of Tintagel, which helped me to secure a position at Tintagel Castle,” she explained.

“The research I completed on the history and background of the village has definitely made me more confident in my job role.”

The students, all currently in their final year of a Travel & Tourism diploma at Cornwall College St Austell, took part in hosting guided tours in Tintagel and Boscastle as part of an assessment for their course.

Travel and Tourism Lecturer Michelle Dudley from Cornwall College explained the vital need for young people to be trained well, “now more than ever”.

“These guided tours are an example of the type of hands-on work that students are involved with on the diploma course, which gives them the practical experience they need to progress in a thriving local industry,” she said.

“With Cornwall consistently voted top tourist destination in Britain, It is so important to have well trained employees in this sector. Giving the student access to these real-life practical experiences helps them to gain the confidence to start and grow their careers in the billion pound tourism industry in Cornwall.”

Michelle explained she was very proud of what her students have achieved.

“They did an excellent job and in several cases, it has led directly to an employment opportunity,” she added.

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