South Devon College is Officially a Digital Schoolhouse

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South Devon College is proud and excited to become a Digital School House (DSH). The College has grown over many years building working relationships with many businesses and schools, making the College an essential part of the education system to everyone in the community across Torbay.

Digital Schoolhouse is a not-for-profit scheme, supported by Nintendo and backed by the UK government, that uses video games to help teach computing and other life skills to youngsters.

Being a leader in the provision of Hi Tech and Digital education, following the completion of our £17m Hi Tech & Digital Centre in September 2019, we believed becoming a DSH was a natural step to affirm that position. There is a large focus on digitally transforming the way in which we work as a college and we believe that now being a DSH will help us lead provision of even more digital skills than before. Providing education from GCSE all the way up to degree level, becoming a DSH helps us embrace more creative and dynamic teaching and learning styles in all areas.

With strong and ever developing relationships with local, national, and international employers, we are confident that, on top of making Computing a creative and inspiring topic to learn, we can help you discover great opportunities and success beyond your studies.

Digital Schoolhouse has also just recently acquired a new lead partner, Nintendo UK. They will continue to support their vision to revolutionise the grassroots of UK Computing and in turn diversify the games talent pipeline. Nintendo UK will help Digital Schoolhouse, and in turn help the College, to bridge the gap between industry and education reaching a projected 32,000 pupils in the next academic year alone with an initiative based on play-based learning combining creativity, fun, innovation and education.

We are also incredibly excited to announce the launch of the Digital Schoolhouse Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Team Battle with Nintendo Switch, which is expected to reach 60 schools and colleges, including South Devon College.

We are excited to see where Nintendo’s introduction will take DSH next and how it will improve digital skills provision for students across the country and under our own roof.

The Hi Tech & Digital Centre (HTDC) combines £8.3m from the Heart of the South West LEP’s Growth Deal funding from the Heart of the South West LEP, as well as funding support from European Regional Development Fund, Higher Education Funding Council for England, Garfield Weston Foundation, Torbay Council, South Devon College and private sector investment. It will be a flagship facility, alongside other Institutes of Technology developments in the country.