Securious Secure Remote Working Advice –

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Exeter-based cyber security company Securious have put together a webpage that will be updated regularly with articles and advice on how staff who are working remotely can do so securely. Securious will also be available via the Cosmic Remote Working Advice Line for any employers and independent remote workers concerned about their security.

The initiative is in response to the large numbers of people suddenly moving to remote working, and in recognition of the fact this opens up a large number of vulnerabilities, which can be exploited by cybercriminals.

Roz Woodward, Securious CEO, said, 

“We all need to do everything we can to keep the South West working. It’s very likely that large numbers of people will be working from home, and while this is a good option that means businesses can continue operating in the face of Covid-19, it does create a whole host of risks that need to be considered and mitigated. 

“Securious will support businesses however we can in making this transition as painless and secure as possible. We’ve put together some guidance on remote working, and have prepared a draft policy template to help employers make this move to home-working as smooth as possible. 

“We are also concerned that remote working is extending businesses’ perimeters, which will create some serious vulnerabilities – and cyber criminals will be savvy to this and taking advantage of this state of panic. 

“Please remember this is a time to be more vigilant – not less. We’ll be available with free guidance for anyone needing additional input in regards to any of the above, via the helpline.”