Rewilding Business Receives Funding Boost

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A Somerset environmental entrepreneur has received a £20k Start Up Loan to scale-up their burgeoning rewilding business.

The funding, made available through SWIG Finance, will be used to invest in tools, including a work vehicle, market launch and fit out of newR office space.

Red Phoenix Rewilding, led by entrepreneur Sam Adams, specialises in biodiversity projects that reconnect people and places through rewilding of natural landscapes.

As well as rewilding consultancy and experiences, the business offers garden landscaping and maintenance services, with a sensitive approach to ecology, using only battery-powered equipment and non-harmful chemicals to minimise disruption to natural habitats. Tree removal is offset with reforestation elsewhere.

Of the funding, Sam said “I decided to start my own business because I wanted to live and work in full alignment with my values of environmental care and connecting people and the natural world. Without this funding, I would not have been able to offer a greater range of services and generate more revenue. It has enabled me to build the business of my dreams and bring me and my clients joy and satisfaction”.

SWIG’s Start Up Loans Manager, Charlie Martin commented “We were very excited by Sam’s business, and sustainability is so important in today’s world. Sam had a solid backup plan, and it was great to see that the business was already generating a decent turnover. With a strong pipeline of work, the need for a Start Up Loan was well-justified”.