Real Work in the Real World – Industry Placements

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Every employer we visit is facing a challenge in recruiting their workforce. This newly launched scheme from Exeter College can help to form part of the solution by helping young people (aged 16-19) learn about your sector and your recruitment opportunities. We encourage you to get involved – for full details please read on.

Industry Placements are a new government initiative which Exeter College is piloting this academic year. They are part of a bigger program called T-Levels which is set to launch nationwide in 2020. The aim of the placements is to provide 16-19 year olds taking a technical course, with real-life work experience to develop their knowledge and skills within their chosen industry. This year’s pilot is with 2nd Year Level 3 Business (Marketing and Sales), IT (Systems and Networks) and Sport (Physical Activity and Fitness) students and 1st Year Level 3 Travel and Tourism.

As part of the Industry Placement students will arrive work ready and will be expected to complete 45 days of work experience covering 315 hours (consisting of 7-7.5 hours per day). The proposed delivery of hours will be 1 day a week over approximately 30 weeks with 4 block weeks to be completed throughout the academic year, commencing in mid/end of October 2018.

The long-term duration of the placement is to give students the opportunity to hone their skills and develop their strengths and technical ability.

There are many benefits for the employer when taking on an Industry Placement student, including giving the current workforce the opportunity to develop their own mentoring, leadership and managerial skills.  It will raise awareness of employment opportunities with the business and increase the social impact that the company has on the surrounding area. The employers will work with students from the beginning with the potential to employ them in the future.

During the placement the employer will be supported throughout by the designated Industry Placement Liaison Officer (IPLO), who will work closely with employers and students to develop a structured plan for the duration of the placement. There will be regular contact with employers including an initial Health & Safety assessment to ensure the host is suitable for the students.

Once placements are under-way, the IPLO will work regularly with the student to keep them on track and motivated during the placement. This will be done through 1-2-1 meetings, workshops, work visits, and email and phone contact.

Placements are vital for a student’s social and economic development and the overall long term stability of the country. We are looking to secure the future and compete with the best around the world by giving students the opportunity to flourish early and address the growing skills gap.

If you are interested in becoming a placement host or you would like any further details on Industry Placements opportunities or T-Levels please contact [email protected] or call on 01392 400841.