Pioneering water tech company joins exeter science park

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Exeter Science Park has welcomed the latest business to its community – water technology innovators Oxi-Tech Solutions.

Oxi-Tech Solutions has developed and patented ground-breaking chemical-free water disinfection technology which creates an oxidation process from tap water and mains electricity.

The technology is utilised in a number of ways, including in agri-tech, water supply and the built environment and can be used in the destruction of pathogens such as staphylococcus, legionella, TB and avian flu.

Paul Morris, chief executive of Oxi-Tech, says: “Oxi-Tech is changing the way people think about disinfection in water, and the use of chemicals in the environment. We’ve harnessed the most effective industrial biocide on the planet; using just water and electricity and a natural process called Pulse Oxidisation has enabled us to develop a system that takes chemicals and contaminants out of the environment. It wipes out bacteria, viruses and the need for toxic chemicals. It’s a revolution for water technology.”

Oxi-Tech has received significant investment from Henley Business Angels and the FSE group, who are also based at Exeter Science Park, contributing to a funding round of £1million to further grow and develop its business.

Paul adds: “Moving to Exeter Science Park brings many advantages for our fast-growing business. It brings us close to one of our funders, the FSE Group, who are based here and also to a number of like-minded organisations.

“For our business it is about being in a really top class, high quality establishment. We’ll be making use of the conference and event facilities as well. It’s also in a great, accessible location and very central to the region for us, particularly in relation to reaching out to agriculture-related clients – it’s pretty much perfect.”

Oxi-Tech is in discussions with a number of academic and research partners with a view to bringing the next generation of technologies on stream. These include the newly opened CREWW facility at the University of Exeter, the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Southampton and also the scoping of test projects with local organisations such as South West Water.

Jason Buck, senior business development manager at Exeter Science Park, says: “Oxi-Tech is at the forefront of water technology and has developed a system which will have huge positive benefits to the environment.

“We’re really pleased to welcome Oxi-Tech to our Exeter Science Park community and support the growth of this innovative work. As with so many of our businesses, the importance of high-quality labs and offices, coupled with our excellent location and our thriving community, have all played a part in bringing Oxi-Tech to Exeter Science Park.”