Students All Aboard For Latest Performance

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Acting Students were all hands to the deck over the Easter Holidays as they performed Canvas and Rum on the tall ship Kasjamoor. 
Docked at Charlestown, the students from Cornwall College St Austell joined the ensemble as sailors aboard a whaling ship to help NorthSouth Theatre in their production of the popular play. 
Co-Director Jason Gerdes said the students “became valued members of the crew and we greatly enjoyed helping them onto our maiden voyage with Canvas and Rum”.
Student Olivia Coon said she loved working with the cast and being able to work on a ship “as it helps me to develop skills I wouldn’t normally get to”. 
“This whole experience will help me progress in the future and it helps me remember that there are many opportunities in Cornwall to be a part of,” she added.
The performances for Canvas and Rum ran for a week in the harbour and they performed twice a day for captivated audiences, where they became part of the story surviving a maelstrom of sirens, sea monsters and superstitious sailors. 
Tyler Hooper who is an acting student said how excited he was to have been given this opportunity.
“Not just working on the tall ship but also to work with a professional theatre company, it has been such an amazing experience; it has inspired me to do more site specific shows,” he explained. 
The opportunity to participate in such a unique show gave the students real experience about site specific theatre and the chance to learn new skills to add to the growing talent they are refining.
Chris Martin is a Cornwall College Alumni and he explained how his training gave him the “stepping stones” onto further education and then into the industry.
“All the stuff that you learn throughout the course that you do, you take it all forward with you which helped me get into drama schools,” he explained.