New Pre-16 Hospitality Academy: one of its kind in the county!

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St Austell Family Group has partnered up with The Cornwall College Group to deliver interactive hands-on learning experience in the catering and hospitality industry – the only one of its kind in the south west!

This exclusive and exciting partnership will open a world of opportunities for school-aged students, giving them the chance to gain valuable work experience in various industries and learn from seasoned professionals, whilst earning a competitive wage.

The collaboration allows Year 10 and Year 11 students to access state-of-the-art professional kitchens, where they will learn from one of Cornwall's top employers and gain hands-on experience in the culinary arts.

Under the guidance of experienced chefs and hospitality professionals, students will learn the latest techniques and trends in the industry across 175 pubs in Devon and Cornwall.

Not only will students gain valuable skills and experience, but they will also gain a better understanding of the world of work and help keep Cornish hospitality thriving for years to come.

For Jon Kelley, the Early Careers Manager at the St Austell Family Group, this partnership is all about developing local talent, he said: “We’re passionate about working with our communities across the South West and provide a fantastic opportunity to get a head start in what is arguably one of Cornwall’s most important

“We are proud and excited to be at the forefront in developing this unique learning opportunity in partnership with Cornwall College and look forward to helping the young people that participate to get the most out of the programme.” Jon added.

The successful learners selected from a range of local secondary schools will then embark on a two-year program of study developed.

Throughout the academic year the College will produce a Scheme of Learning that sequences the curriculum with the collaboration of the leading company – which owns over 175 pubs across the South West.

David Atkinson-Beaumont, the Head of Campus for Cornwall College St Austell and Group Lead for Pre-16 Courses, said the partnership will “provide exciting careers at the end of their time in education.”

“For the last two years Secondary Schools across the county have enjoyed access to an extended curriculum
through our Pre-16 offer.” David continued.

“It’s an opportunity for us to share our industry standard workshops and resources with learners who want toexplore subjects that sit outside of GCSEs. This newest part of our offer is so exciting as it allows Year 10 and Year 11 students to join us in our professional kitchens to learn from one of Cornwall’s most successful

“We know that increasing skills is crucial for the success of Cornwall, so it’s fantastic that we’re now in a position to extend our Hospitality and Professional Cookery to Cornish school pupils with a curriculum that’s been designed and supported with the business leaders.” David explained.

The partnership has brought excitement to Cornwall College Camborne, with opportunities to expand within yet another industry.

“After successful partnerships with Kier and the Cornwall Manufacturing Group Academy we felt it really important to branch into another vocational area that is key within the growth of the Cornish economy this being Hospitality.” said Luke Bazeley, Head of Campus for Cornwall College Camborne.

“St Austell Family Group is one of Cornwall’s largest employers with apprenticeship opportunities across its two breweries, head offices, and estate of pubs, inns, and hotels. The range of hospitality expertise and exposure our learners will have access to is amazing.” Luke added.

For more information visit the St Austell Family Group or contact the Cornwall College Group.