New Master’s Degree to Revolutionise Conservation Education

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Graduates and conservation enthusiasts can now apply for a new and exciting hands-on Master of Science degree in Conservation Project Management at Newquay University Centre Cornwall College.

From this September, in partnership with the University of Plymouth, the Newquay based campus, part of The Cornwall College Group (TCCG), has announced the planned launch of its transformative course, designed to redefine the landscape of conservation education.

Recognising the significant gap in essential skills amongst some graduates of traditional zoology or wildlife conservation degrees, the level 7 MSc degree has been created to address this shortfall, and will not only bridge the gap but also produce confident and experienced alumnus ready to make an environmentally positive impact.

“The launch marks an exciting moment for conservationists, environmentalists and ecologists of the future. By equipping our students with the multifaceted expertise and real-world practices, we are empowering them to thrive in their chosen careers,” explained Ruth Martin, head of campus.

Designed in collaboration with the esteemed advice centre, Conservation Careers, Newquay University Centre will adhere to the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation and will equip students with indispensable skills in conservation project design and management, alongside expertise in conservation funding and communications.

Ruth added: “This specialised course will inspire our learners to foster critical thinking and self- driven growth. It’s not just about learning, it’s about becoming catalysts for change in the conservation sector,” she expressed.

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