New cyber security technology born at Exeter Science Park launched by Securious

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Securious, a cyber security company based at the Exeter Science Park, has launched Monikal, the first SIEM solution designed for mid-level organisations.

The world-leading technology helps businesses protect critical information to reduce the financial, reputational and operational impact of data breach. It provides a much greater level of visibility of technology and networks to highlight any vulnerabilities and enable a proactive response to threats and abnormalities.

It’s like CCTV for everything digital in your organisation, monitoring your business network 24/7 to help you meet compliance requirements and understand what’s happening across your environment, so you can detect and respond to threats.

Through a simple dashboard and alerts, Monikal can give you full visibility of everything happening across your network, while keeping a historic record of activity.

Here are some examples of suspicious activity that may be happening across your network, but that you’d be unlikely to spot without technology like Monikal:

  • A member of your team downloads your whole client database onto a USB stick
  • A junior member of your team escalates their privileges and gains access to confidential data
  • Critical or high vulnerabilities exist on systems and have not yet been patched
  • Employees are attempting to visit blocked websites which may host malware etc.

Monikal is suitable for businesses with teams working in the office, remotely, or both, so this launch comes at a critical time, as business leaders make decisions on whether some – or all – members of their team will continue working remotely post-Covid.

Pete Woodward, Securious Cofounder and CTO, comments:

“We’ve spent a long time researching the technology behind Monikal and speaking with clients so we can make sure our offering is perfectly designed to meet the needs of mid-level organisations.

“We are excited to be launching Monikal now because it is especially relevant following a worldwide (and hurried) switch to remote working. We’re excited to help organisations in the South West and beyond really up their cyber security game at a time when it’s more important than ever before. It’s groundbreaking stuff and I look forward to delivering this vital solution to UK businesses.”

Sally Basker, Exeter Science Park CEO, comments:

“Exeter Science Park helps innovative STEMM companies like Securious to deliver extraordinary growth and I’m excited to see how, with Monikal, they are extending class-leading cyber security technology to SMEs. Innovative companies and their funders will see how Monikal gives them a competitive edge by securing the valuable intellectual property and critical data in their businesses.  This will help all companies to build back better post-COVID.”

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