Magical education trip to Disney

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Students from Cornwall have been given an insight to the operations of one of the world’s most beloved attractions.

The Cornwall College Travel and Tourism course students made the trip to Disney Paris before Christmas for an international tourism conference held at the resort.

It was Travel and Tourism Lecturer Andrew Fry’s fifth time helping to organise the trip for the students.

“The aim was not only to give them knowledge of Travel and Tourism in general but to give the students a real insight into a billion dollar brand and attraction,” he explained.

The students and the lecturers attended the special conference which focussed on marketing and communications of the well-established company, by the staff that work there.

Student Lucy Gregory said it was “really good” and gave a “clearer picture” of how it all works having studied it in lessons.

“We couldn’t believe how many people were there and it’s not even peak season, we were blown away by the organisation and management to run an attraction of that size,” she added.

Lecturer Michelle Dudley said the fun and educational trip helped students “really grasp what they had been learning within their classes about promotion and sales for tourist attraction”.

“It also gives them an invaluable insight into how a company like Disney works to maintain such high standards,” she explained.

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