Getting the South West Moving

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Devon Wheels 2 Work (W2W) offers two-wheeled transport which is delivered on a mobile basis to people aged 16+ in communities throughout Devon, West Somerset, plus North & East Cornwall, W2W is a community interest company, operating with charitable aims and based near Holsworthy. It also operates a small programme in East Sussex on a contractual basis for East Sussex County Council.

Devon Wheels 2 Work enables disadvantaged people who are isolated from other transport services and on low incomes to access employment, training, education and social activities. Having access to personal transport removes the barriers that are restricting them from accessing the same work opportunities as other people.

W2W provides the loan of a 50 or 125cc scooter along with insurance and safety equipment to those in need of assistance. The service includes full maintenance of the scooter to ensure they remain safe and provide a reliable and sustainable transport solution.

COVID-19 has affected the working lives of the majority of the UK working population, particularly those in rural areas where limited transport options are restricting job opportunities. Where car sharing or public transport was once part of the day-to-day life of a South-West commuter, these options are no longer viable for some people and as a result, there has been a rise in those seeking independent transport solutions. This has led to an increase in demand for W2W’s services.

Since Devon W2W was formed, it has helped well over 12,000 people successfully access travel to education, work or training across several counties.

As demand increases, Devon W2W is looking ahead. Annie Jowett, Devon W2W Director said: “The events of recent months have made many people think differently about personal mobility. We have seen a notable increase of enquiries for our service and we are actively planning to increase the reach of W2W by growing the business to reach the wider South West population. To achieve this we are working to build our fleet to around 200 machines. This will enable us to provide our services to a much wider range of people over the entire region. Our growth program aims to provide at least three new full time employed positions within our business. We are currently seeking funding and partnership opportunities to enable us to effect these changes.”

To find out more about the scheme visit email [email protected] or call the office on 07970480807