Flooding ship gives students insight into life in the Navy

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A group of local students have been put through their paces during a visit to the Navy training facility HMS Raleigh.

Military and Protective students from Duchy College experienced the Damage Repair Instructional Unit (DRIU) and HMS Chaos and HMS Havoc.

They were taught techniques to repair damage to ships to prevent flooding, before using their new found knowledge in a dramatic flooding scenario.

This is something that all Royal Navy recruits undergo in week eight of training and when deploying to sea. The students put in a good performance and their times were comparable and better than some recruits.

Level 3 Military and Protective Services student, Chloe Belcher, said “it was an amazing experience that made us stronger as a team.”

“It was also great seeing the facilities and training at HMS Raleigh,” she continued.

“It gave us a better insight into what to expect if we are considering going into the Navy.”

Fellow level 3 Military and Protective Services student, Myles Redwood, agreed, adding that “working with the DRIU definitely got the adrenaline pumping and helped us develop our team working skills in an intense environment”.

The students also partook in skill at arms training with the SA80A2, the current service rifle.

They were then put through their paces at a PT session under the watchful eye of the gym staff, which included an IMF (Initial Military Fitness) session and rope work.

Team Lead for Military and Protective Services, Neil Harris, said the students were “exceptionally fortunate to be able to gain this insight into HMS Raleigh”.

“The trip gave our students an amazing overview of Royal Navy training and the ability for those learners to participate in some of the activities they would be expected to do if they were successful in gaining employment within the Royal Navy.”

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