Exeter College A Levels Top 10% Nationally for Outstanding Progress

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Exeter College is in the top 10% nationally – for the second consecutive year – for the outstanding progress of its A Level learners.

The college has been awarded a 2018 Alps Certificate of Outstanding Progress, achieving a top 10% national position. This is compared to the A Level outcomes of 2,817 schools and colleges in the UK.

Alps is the leading post-16 data analysis provider in the country, used by almost 3,000 school sixth forms, sixth form college and tertiary colleges.  It aligns with the vision of Exeter College, as it is designed to help students aim for higher grades. It is used to measure the progress of students from their GCSE grades, to their A Level results.

The news comes after official Department for Education (DfE) data published recently, which placed Exeter College’s academic value added above average on the official DfE League tables. This makes Exeter College one of an elite few non-selective providers in the South West that have managed to exceed expected performance levels against rigorous national benchmarks.

This news confirms that academic students at the college have now exceeded national averages by every measure – making 2018 truly record breaking.

Students and staff celebrated its best ever academic results in 2018, with students setting a new record for the number of the very highest results, well above all national averages. An astonishing 61% of A Level students achieved the very highest grades (A*, A and B), well in excess of the national average of 52.7% in England. A remarkable number of students achieved the highest grades possible – with 174 A* grades awarded.

Jade Otty, Assistant Principal (Curriculum – Academic) at Exeter College, said: “We are absolutely thrilled for our students. Record-breaking levels of progress and high grades have helped our young people to gain access to the most prestigious courses at the best universities in the country, and we are so proud of them.

“Their phenomenal success is built on a partnership of having a uniquely-broad choice of academic subjects, which allows each student to choose an A Level combination to fit their passion and aspiration, alongside the dedicated support of our fantastic subject-specialist academic teachers.”

Exeter College in Top 10% Nationally for Outstanding A Level Progress – pictured here, from left to right, are students Rosie, Georgia, Jade Otty, Assistant Principal, and Art.