Exeter businesses offered free vulnerability scans to improve the city’s cyber security

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Securious, the South West’s leading cyber security company, has 100 free vulnerability scans available to businesses in the Exeter area, in the hope of encouraging more proactivity around the security of systems and data.

With a limited number of businesses willing to begin their journey towards resilience despite an increasing level of risk, Pete Woodward, Co-founder and CTO of Securious, explains their offer:

“Much as an open window or an unlocked door of your property could easily be exploited by someone with less than honourable motives, so might any gaps in the external perimeter of your IT network, and the consequences could be catastrophic.”

“A vulnerability scan is absolutely the first step a business should be taking in their journey to resilience. We want to help as many as possible make this first move to identify any weaknesses and understand how they can improve their security measures.”

“The report will highlight areas of weakness that need addressing, which will most likely need to be passed onto the business’s internal or external IT support, who can action the fixes. These are often inexpensive and relatively simple, but just in case, our team of experts are on hand to signpost and offer guidance and support.”

“These vulnerability scans also provide an independent, 3rd party overview of the strength of your external perimeter. The results are either peace of mind, or a few simple actions. Either way, it’s worth doing.”

Securious hopes that the offer of free vulnerability scans will help inspire Exeter’s businesses to take their cyber security more seriously.

Roz Woodward, Co-founder and CEO of Securious, comments:

“Businesses in the Exeter area aren’t doing enough to secure their systems, data or networks. We hope that by offering these free vulnerability scans to local businesses, we can remove some of the initial barriers, and encourage them to take the first (simple) step towards building their resilience.

Since Exeter has such a thriving community of fantastic businesses, we want to do our bit to support as many as possible in taking an easy step towards securing their data. Many have no idea about the potential ramifications of a breach and I’m certain that a large proportion are convinced it would never happen to them. But that’s crazy, because it’s not the case – in fact, this mindset and reluctance to act will actually make you more of a target.

“It’s worrying to see so few taking proactive steps to ensure they are up to scratch in terms of cyber security. We hope that by offering a number of free vulnerability scans to some of the businesses around us, we can encourage more and more to take action to protect themselves”.

The team at Securious urges any business in the Exeter area to get in touch if they would like a free vulnerability scan –