Virtual Data Analytics Training


Time: 10:00am – 11:45am AND 1:00pm – 2:45pm

Venue: Online

Event Organiser: The University of Exeter and Somerset County Council 

Book: Email [email protected] 

Due to the popularity of the previous events, the University of Exeter and Somerset County Council are hosting two further FREE training events for Somerset businesses this October.

Businesses based in the Somerset County Council district can register to attend a virtual training workshop, delivered by esteemed academics at the University of Exeter, and receive free training on data analytics.

The training is not just for tech businesses, but is tailored to suit any business. No matter what size or sector, the sessions will provide a range of useful learning techniques that can be applied across a variety of job roles and business applications. No matter what your background or business is, this free training is a unique opportunity to learn how to:

  • Maximise your understanding of data analytics for business success
  • Up-skill your team on how to more effectively communicate data to improve business performance
  • Deliver ROI and generate results with stakeholders, customers and partners

The training events are as follows:

Morning Training event

Time: 10am – 11:45am


  • Dan Pritchard, Tech South West: the importance of data and tech in the region
  • Dan Isaac, University of Exeter:
    • A Data Visualisation Taster: How to Communicate Effectively with your Data
    • Key psychological & practical principles of effective data visualisation
    • How to simplify the process of presenting data in tables and graphs​ to ensure that your story can be easily understood
    • Help those working with data to engage, captivate & influence their audience
    • Allow decision-makers to gain rapid insight into their data

Afternoon Training event

Time: 1pm – 2:45pm


  • Dan Pritchard, Tech South West: the importance of data and tech in the region
  • Stefan Siegert, University of Exeter:
    • An introduction to Machine Learning and Neural Networks
    • Machine learning techniques used in various business and research applications today
    • A demonstration of an advanced example for full image recognition, discussing various techniques and key concepts along the way, accessible to a wide audience with little background in maths and programming
    • An overview of Python and its value for businesses

To reserve a space on one or both of the sessions, please email your name, role, business, and business address to [email protected].