The Great British Business Expo



Get Set, Great Britain!

In 2020 the world pressed “RESET” and everything we ever knew about the way things were done was turned upside down overnight. The way we do business has changed and with it the way we do expos, conferences and networking.

That’s why we’re bringing you the Great British Business Expo, a jam-packed day with global and local, expert speakers, seminars and workshops with an exhibition featuring the best in British business to help you grow and scale your business.

With the added benefit of a virtual setting on an innovative exhibition platform, the Great British Business Expo is a truly international affair enabling small business owners and entrepreneurs to connect right across the world.

Whether you choose to join us to visit, exhibit, speak or sponsor you can be assured of connecting with the very best of British business at the Great British Business Expo.

The Great British Business Expo ONLINE features global and local expert speakers, seminars, workshops and exhibitors focusing on business growth, sales, marketing and personal development.

Expo Booths are £99+ VAT and Workshops are £149+ VAT or book your free place below!