Stepping up to Net Zero: Assessing your product’s impact


As the race to net zero intensifies, many businesses have measured their operational emissions and are now starting to consider the carbon embodied in their products or services.

While some enterprises have customers asking for this information, others may be required to provide it under emerging legislation. Whatever the driving force understanding the impact of your product or service is the first step to identifying ways to reduce it.

Sometimes just a few simple changes can make a dramatic difference to your emissions and, in most cases, improve your bottom line.

But where do you start? And how do you do it?

In this session, we will review the different drivers for understanding the environmental impact of your product or service

illustrate how measuring and understanding empowers you to make evidence-based decisions explore some simple steps to help you get started and glean best practice advice from a range of specialists in this field.

It won’t be all theory! We’ll focus on actions and hear from businesses that have successfully navigated this challenge.

This hybrid event is open to everyone interested in reducing the carbon footprint of their products or services. Businesses, researchers and technicians using or designing products or services would, in particular, benefit from this knowledge exchange opportunity.

Please register your place here or email [email protected] for any queries.