Staff Attraction – Creating a Talent Strategy for Growth


TIME: 8:00 am — 10:00 am
VENUE: Aptus Recruitment, Dix’s Field, Exeter, Devon, EX1 1PZ

When a company aligns its talent strategy with it’s business strategy, it is more likely to achieve its strategic objectives…

About this Event

Understanding what talent you need now, and in the future, will help you to achieve your goals as a business.

Tom Murphy, Managing Director of Aptus UK, shares his experiences over his 23 years as an employee, an employer, and a recruiter, to help other local businesses understand the importance of staff attraction.

Talking you through the key principles, this engaging workshop will cover the following elements and ensure you leave with the confidence in being able to create a comprehensive talent strategy to successfully grow your buisness and attract the right employees…

• Attraction strategy

• How to attract when engaged

• What tools to use

• Industry stats & insights

• Do’s & Donts

This interactive session will consist of a 30 – 40 minute presentation followed by an open discussion to help you to feel confident in your methods.