Digital Presence Using LinkedIn


TIME: 9:00 am — 4:30 pm
VENUE: City College Plymouth, Kings Road, Plymouth, PL1 5QG

This masterclass session will be useful for anyone who wants to increase their online presence. This could be to help build a business or personal brand, promote an area of interest, influence a particular group or increase business leads.

Course overview:

  • Discuss options for building a digital presence.
  • Awareness of different platforms.
  • Overview of strategies, watch, contribute, influence.

Social Media – LinkedIn

  • Focus on LinkedIn, what is it, who uses it;
  • Breakdown – LinkedIn dashboard, settings, networks, visibility, groups;
  • Examples – personal account, articles, blogs, employability
  • Demos of setting up a LinkedIn account

This face-to-face workshop is delivered by City College Plymouth on the 12th of April.