Smart Delivery of Smart Infrastructure


TIME: 9:15 am — 2:00 pm
VENUE: Eden Project, The Gallery, Eden Project, Bodelva, Par, Cornwall, PL24 2SG
PRESENTED BY: South West Business Council

Many developed nations have reached a state of ‘infrastructure maturity’ where the value of new infrastructure is far less than the value of existing infrastructure. New construction in the UK adds just 0.5% pa to the value of national infrastructure. This means that the opportunity to create a step change in capacity or service is minimal. This is where the confluence between digital technology and the built environment shows huge potential through the development of ‘smart infrastructure’.

Smart infrastructure should allow us to achieve much more from existing assets, increasing capacity without the need for hugely expensive new build solutions. By understanding asset performance, improvements in design, operations and maintenance can be achieved.

Traditional roles, business models and cost-benefit analyses are set to change. The infrastructure sector is ripe for digital disruption. Is it ready?

This conference will explore digitally led productivity improvements in infrastructure development and delivery, as well as identify the innovations which are leading the way to a future with smart infrastructure at the core of the value proposition.

We want to ensure that the wider business community fully understands what the opportunities are for smart infrastructure within the region, to enable business leaders to lobby for change and investment in the most appropriate technologies in support of economic growth.

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