TIME: 8:30 am — 12:00 pm
VENUE: Brickhouse Vineyard, Mamhead, Exeter, EX6 8HP
PRESENTED BY: Monkey’s Paw

It’s a skill.

Whether it’s at home with your partner or friends, or in business with prospective clients and colleagues.

Understanding the mechanics of persuasion and the subtle sciences at play can be both fascinating and very productive for your business.

If you ever wondered why you didn’t get more from that conversation or why that meeting didn’t go as you’d hoped, perhaps understanding what tools you already have at your disposal and how to use them might help…

We have brought together three very well respected and experienced keynote speakers. All of whom work with persuasive techniques every day in their fields. The three speakers will be sharing with you their experiences and their best practice so that you can take away real and effective techniques for improving your business.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER 1 – Dr. Sarah Barrett,

Owner, S. Barrett Consulting.

Sarah is a successful business leader and the founder of S.Barrett Consulting that supports individuals & organizations in reaching their full potential.

Focus areas include strategic leadership within organizations, the attributes of high-performing teams, and tailored one-to-one executive support, all designed to create opportunities for growth & success.

Sarah’s positive & supportive style strives for simplicity, always with her clients’ end goal in sight. She draws from a wealth of experience in the industrial, academic and voluntary sectors and is a fully qualified Chartered Member of the Chartered Management Institute.

Sarah’s session of the workshop will provide you with:

  • A clear definition & context for persuasion in the workplace – aligned with your own role
  • An understanding of the origins and psychology of persuasion – for underpinning more successful approaches
  • Practical tips and guidance on persuasion in practice – for application in your own organization


Director, Articulacy UK Ltd

Articulacy believes that in an increasingly noisy world, voices need to be heard. Voices for clarity, voices for reason and voices for persuasion.

Julia is the co-founder of Articulacy, the specialist company that teaches people to communicate positively, naturally and with confidence. She has been involved in training and education since the early 80s and works with people of all ages and from all backgrounds with a keen focus on closing the gaps that exist socially and breaking the glass ceiling for women. Articulacy works across Devon, Cornwall and Somerset in both schools and the business arena, building confidence and self-esteem through positive speaking skills. Being and effective communicator is an essential skill for anyone building a successful business. Julia is also an assessor for English Speaking Board and travels across the UK and internationally assessing speaking qualifications.

During her session Julia will cover:

  • Pre-suasion
  • Building a toolkit of words and phrases that can be used to persuade
  • The power of networking and the elevator pitch


Director, Monkey’s Paw Sales Training Consultancy Ltd

Oliver has worked in Sales and Business Development stretching back to 1990. From seven years living and working in Scandinavia selling drill rigs and heavy plant to the construction industry, to three years working as a Stockbroker and IFA in Barcelona building a lucrative database of both private and corporate clients. Oliver has managed sales teams within such established organisations as Yell and DeVere. He has had in his client portfolio Tesco, Burberry, HSBC, British Airways and BSkyB. With over 28 years of experience of Business Development, Oliver has distilled a sales technique to be lean as it can be, with nothing overlooked. Persuasion features heavily in the sales arena and today he will be covering;

  • Building trust and bonding with your clients quickly.
  • Minimising objections through solid questioning techniques
  • The journey from Prospect to Dependency for the long term relationship.

This collaborative event is intended to leave you with real insights and techniques which you will be able to use immediately. Techniques that will make a real difference to how you intereact with clients and prospects alike.

We hope you enjoy the event.

Sarah, Julia and Oliver