Machine Learning Webinar


TIME: 2:00 pm — 3:00 pm
PRESENTED BY: Software Solved

Software Solved webinar on machine learning application in insurance risk management

The session will be held on Wednesday 2nd October at 2pm. Don’t worry if you’re unable to listen in live, we’ll send you a link to the completed webinar after the event so you can listen at your own convenience.

Join our machine learning data guru, Aneeq Ur Rehman and Lead Developer, Tom Rooks for a webinar which will cover how machine learning can be applied in insurance risk management.

It’s a fascinating topic, with huge implications in the future of many industries but more specifically insurance. How will risk management be affected? Is your business ready to harness the power of machine learning? Join us on this webinar to find out. There’ll also be an opportunity to pitch your questions to the expert.

Register now to find out about:

  • Basic machine learning theory
  • Unique challenges in insurance risk management
  • How machine learning can mitigate the challenges
  • Practical implications