Like Minds Lockdown Business Festival


TIME: 8:00 am — 6:00 pm

30 Experts in Digital Marketing, Business Development, Sales and Mental Health To Help SMEs Handle Their Business During The Coronavirus Lockdown with a 100,000 Global Delegate Capacity on our Digital Platform.

The “Lockdown Business Festival” 25th – 29th May, 2020 is the latest brainchild of curator and networker extraordinaire, Andrew Ellis, the founder of Like Minds.

The May Festival follows the sellout success of the inaugural Lockdown Business Festival in April 2020 which had over 600 delegates participate from the UK, Egypt, Alaska, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland, Chile, Spain, Philippines, Italy, Sadi Arabia, Qatar, the US, Ireland.

Full Line-up of Speakers:

Monday 25th May – Empowerment Day Tickets
• 09.00-10.00 – Deri Llewellyn-Davies “How to Find Your Strategic Advantage, in Any Economy”
• 10.15-11.15 – May-Ann Lim from Singapore “How to Make Video Conferences More Engaging”
• 11.30-12.30 – Francesca Dowling “How Not to Fall Foul of Fraud”
• 14.00-15.00 – Jeff Pulver from Long Island “The History of The Future”
• 15.15-16.15 – Peter Shankman from New York “Staying Productive in This New Non-Normal Time”
• 16.30-17.30 – Chris Brogan from Boston “What’s in a Leader’s Backpack: Rebuild Power During the Apocalypse”

Tuesday 26th May – Creative Day Tickets
• 09.00-10.00 Ben Stirling “How UX Design Can Pinpoint Your Changing Customer Needs”
• 10.15-11.15 Amelia Wright “Crisis to Renewal – a Time of Opportunity”
• 11.30-12.30 “TBA”
• 14.00-15.00 David Kilkelly “How to Win More Customers With Video Content”
• 15.15-16.15 Robert Bean “Get Your Brand Proposition Right”
• 16.30-17.30 Dave Birss “The Creative Experimentation Lab: A Hands-on Session”

Wednesday 27th May – Marketing & PR Day Tickets
• 09.00-10.00 Chris Moss “Seeing things Differently: Is the New Normal Different to the Old Normal?”
• 10.15-11.15 Anne Cantelo “The Essential Guide to PR”
• 11.30-12.30 Pete Reis-Campbell “How to Get Top-tier PR Coverage Using Data Storytelling”
• 14.00-15.00 Lucy Matthews “How to Get The Right People Talking About You”
• 15.15-16.15 Ann Wright “Protecting Your Reputation Through Covid-19″
• 16.30-17.30 Warren Cass “Creating a Thought Leadership Strategy to Future Proof Your Business”

Thursday 28th May – Business Strategy Day Tickets
• 09.00-10.00 Harry Hakuei Kosato from Japan via Mumbai “How to launch in foreign markets, as different as India & Japan”
• 10.15-11.15 Ali Miles-Jenkins “How To Recession-Proof Your Micro Business”
• 11.30-12.30 Vikram Kamerkar & Roy McFarlane “Essential Ways to Manage Your Virtual Team and Productivity”
• 14.00-15.00 Alastair Dryburgh “How to Survive the Next Six Months”
• 15.15-16.15 Susannah Davda “How to Start a Product-Based Business”
• 16.30-17.30 Tas Tasgal “Why Numbers Numb us But Stories Stir Us”

Friday 29th May – Peak Performance Day Tickets
• 09.00-10.00 Tim Segaller “Weathering the Storm Within: Building Resilience for You and Your Business”
• 10.15-11.15 Abigail Ireland “Maximise Your Energy Levels for Enhanced Productivity”
• 11.30-12.30 Phil Sampson “People Power”
• 14.00-15.00 Sally Henderson “Be a Better Boss: Four Questions to Transform Your Leadership in Challenging Times”
• 15.15-16.15 Dan Simmons & Michael Wilkinson “Insights & Tools to Better Navigate Uncertainty”
• 16.30-17.30 “TBA”