Job Retention Case Management Training and Case Supervision


TIME: 9:30 am — 12:30 pm
PRESENTED BY: Centre for Mental Health

We are proud to be working with experienced Job Retention practitioners Roger Butterworth and Dave Costello to deliver this comprehensive course which will help you, to help others stay in their jobs (or find alternative roles) during the current crisis and beyond.  We are really excited to be opening this course to both IPS and non IPS workers.

Through this course you will gain an understanding of job retention and the skills and knowledge of most use to the job retention case manager; in the principles and practice of the case management approach; learn about what constitutes a healthy work environment and how to support an employer; and about relevant employment law. You will be provided with a comprehensive set of tools and resources which you can apply and integrate into your service.

You will gain a thorough grounding in all aspects of the delivery of effective job retention services, with a ready to use ‘Service Toolkit’. The knowledge and skill sets covered are those identified by the Centre for Mental Health and Nottingham University’s Delphi Study (of expert opinion) as being crucial for job retention workers. In-built supervision recognises that confidence increases as delegates get to grips with their own real cases and put into practice the skills they have learnt in the training.

The training will cover:

  • The whyhow and what of job retention
  • Introducing the case management approach
  • Mental health promotion in the workplace
  • Peer supervision process
  • Therapeutic interventions
  • Mediation skills
  • Relevant employment law

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