Heat Pumps in Practice: Ground, Water or Air?


With gas central heating being one of the UK’s largest sources of carbon emissions, we urgently need to upgrade our building stock with low-carbon heating solutions, such as heat pumps.

Before you invest in net zero heating, you probably want to find out more about how efficient heat pumps are and if they’ll save you money. Or maybe you’re not sure about the pros and cons of each type or if they’re easy to install.

We’ll look at recent case studies of water, air and ground source heat pumps installed to heat workspaces in Plymouth, hearing about the experience from both a client and an installer viewpoint.

This event will be of interest to the following audience:

  • Individuals and enterprises wanting to find out more about different types of heat pumps.
  • Individuals and enterprises considering installing heat pumps.
  • Built environment professionals such as architects, plumbers, heating specialists, boiler engineers, retrofitters (evaluators, advisors, assessors, installers, coordinators, designers) and estates teams.

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