Future Innovation with Space Data


TIME: 4:00 pm — 6:30 pm

SETsquared Exeter Discovery Rooms

SETsquared Exeter Discovery Rooms are an ongoing series of fully funded events delivered through the ERDF University of Exeter Enterprise Zone, bringing together SMEs, sector experts, researchers and entrepreneurs to learn about effective business applications of new technologies and innovations.

Future Innovation with Space Data

Join us for another exciting SETsquared Exeter Discovery Room event. Hosted by Clockwise Exeter, and Immersive Business in Falmouth, delivered online and in person. Bringing together the region’s facilitators, industry, academia, SMEs and individuals to look at future innovation with space data.

We’ll be hearing from experts about how access to space data is changing our world, before having a chance to take part in a collaborative challenge workshop.

They’ll also be the chance to engage with some immersive demonstrations, hear about great resources such as the new Space Enterprise Labs, as well as network and make connections with the community.

This event is designed for anyone who is interested in finding out more about how space data helps to drive innovation. As well as those currently working with or looking to incorporate space data in to their business, innovation or product development.

We will look at current industry application, research and the solutions that are being driven as a result. We’ll delve further in to how to access space data and support, before looking at the practical components of space data driven innovation through a challenge workshop.

This event will give you a better understanding of what space data is, the extent to which it is being used today, the future application opportunities, and the routes to make use of these opportunities.