5G Development Conference


TIME: 9:30 am — 2:30 pm

This event will delve into the future of 5G across the UK – a sector worth over £150bn over the next decade.

It is estimated that the development of 5G will be worth £158bn to the UK economy over the next decade. As well as enhancing user experience, the roll-out of 5G will have implications across the built environment. It presents a wealth of opportunities – through more efficient use of VR and AR and the expansion of the Internet of Things etc, but also brings challenges due to factors such as its shorter range and reduced ability to travel through obstacles.

This conference will help you understand the consequences 5G will have on the industry, as well as showcasing some of the major developments that are planned in order to bring forward 5G and its associated infrastructure, including discussions of the procurement process and opportunities to get involved.

Speakers will discuss:

  • 5G testbed programmes sharing best practice
  • Scotland 5G Centre’s activity across the country
  • Learning’s from the £350m Smart Belfast plans
  • Major works and development activity in the sector
  • Interxion’s Data Centre plans as they own 300+
  • Telefonica’s 5G programme of works across the UK
  • Sunderland City Council’s trailblazing 5G schemes
  • How 5G will play its role in the levelling up agenda
  • Expertise from Cambridgeshire – a leading digital city
  • And much more…

A number of key players have already confirmed their involvement in the event – from those leading innovation and research, to those at the forefront of new digital infrastructure and the decision makers behind multi-million pound contracts.

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