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The vision of ESA Business Applications Space Solutions (ESA BASS) is to improve the lives of people on Earth through Space. We make this possible by enabling and supporting businesses in the short-term commercialisation and application of Space data and technology for everyday services. ESA BASS has invested 200M euros in over 500 companies to date in a wide variety of sectors, launching over 300 projects, and we offer flexible funding opportunities in the range 60k euros to over 2m euros for good business ideas that utilise Space. ESA want to help support companies developing new services using space based technologies in the South West and South Wales.

The UK government has an ambition to double the UK activities supported by satellite services to £500bn by 2030. We are in the process of creating a pipeline of companies making new services using space technologies or satellite services in the South West and South Wales who are, or will be, funded by ESA. So far the interest and engagement in the South West has been fantastic and industry has already submitted a number of applications with many more under way.

The South West Centre of Excellence for Satellite Applications, though their Regional ESA BASS Ambassador, are raising awareness of ESA BASS in this region and in particular encourage and support SME’s in accessing the funding, which is aimed at developing new, sustainable services using Space-based technology. This can involve using satellite capabilities such as location, navigation and timing services, satellite communications and Earth Observation (EO) as well as human space flight. The funding ranges from Kickstarters at 60K euros at 75% intervention to 2m+ Euros at 50% intervention depending on the applicant’s ability to co fund.

Through enabling companies to develop world leading services using ground breaking technologies, we also create the ability to market these new services globally, grow essential technical skills and attract companies to these emergent hubs. Please also keep an eye out for our regional workshops, seminars, Kick-start opportunities and open tenders related to ESA BASS which will also be announced on our website and via the twitter feed @ESABA_SW.  Your Regional Ambassador Contact details can be found here: