Securious announces cyber security partnership with Troy UK to include Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

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Leading cyber security company, Securious, has renewed and expanded its partnership with Troy UK, the leading group of industrial engineering supplies in the UK, to encompass a new Managed Detection & Response solution to protect their data and assets round the clock.

This modern and proactive approach to cyber security means that Troy’s independent distributor members, stakeholders and its internal team can be confident in its security capability.

The MDR solution, which is built on Securious’ pioneering Monikal system, will provide a continuous level of protection that minimises the risk of a successful cyber-attack or data breach. In addition, the package means the Securious team will detect and respond to threats and recommend remediation when issues are identified.

“I’m delighted to be working with Troy through our MDR partnership. Troy are so proactive when it comes to cyber security – many businesses are happy to simply tick boxes, without paying much care to whether they’re actually protected from attackers. This refreshing approach is commendable – I’m so excited to continue working with the team at Troy, monitoring their network and detecting and responding to threats to ensure they stay steps ahead of malicious actors.” Pete Woodward, CEO at Securious

“I am delighted to be working with Securious to strengthen our cyber security capability. The Managed Detection & Response package is perfect for our needs – we want ongoing real time confidence that our systems are secure. We recognise that it’s critical to continuously monitor our network, so we can see any gaps or issues that need to be addressed and act on them swiftly.

“We have worked with Securious for a number of years and this additional service offering is part of our continued partnership which will constantly improve Troy’s cyber resilience and reduce the risk of a data breach or cyber-attack, and help us meet compliance requirements.”  Tom Hocking, Group Head of IT at Troy

Securious’ MDR packages start at just £895 (+vat) per month. For more information visit their website: