Cabin crew expert fuels highflying careers

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College students looking for a career in the travel and tourism industry are benefiting from an expert practising cabin crewmember.

Travel & Tourism students at Cornwall College St Austell are taught the Cabin Crew module by British Airways Cabin Crew member, Janet Wills.

“I have worked as Cabin Crew for British Airways (BA) for 30 years,” Janet explained.

“I do long haul, so I have four weeks on and four weeks off, the latter of which I am here at Cornwall College teaching Travel & Tourism students.”

Janet said she knew when she was 10 that she wanted a career in this industry as one of her relatives used to fly.

“I was just fascinated by it and did a hospitality course at college, applied to BA when I was 21 as that was the minimum age, and I was fortunate enough to get in,” she explained.

“It’s an absolutely amazing job. I have just worked the Singapore flight and I have San Francisco and Washington coming up.”

Even after working in the industry for 30 years, Janet still gets to fly to places she has never been.

“Our main job as Cabin Crew is to be there for safety and security, but customer service is often seen as the most important part for the customers we have flying with us,” she explained

“Flying long haul, there are hard parts you have to manage for example the tiredness aspect, customers expect the service to be as good at dinner as it was at breakfast.”

Ruby Pender, studying Introduction to Cabin Crew at Cornwall College St Austell, said she knows she wants to be “part of the cabin crew”.

“I find the course really enjoyable. Being taught by Janet means we are learning directly from someone who is currently working in industry, you can’t get better than that,” she said.

“I am going travelling this summer for 4 months to Australia, Bali and Thailand then I plan to apply for a cabin crew role. I am passionate about travelling and I would definitely recommend this course to others; you gain such a knowledge of the aviation business.”

There is a Course and Careers Advice Morning at Cornwall College St Austell on Saturday 14th March 10am until Midday where the campus is open for potential students and families to look around facilities and meet lecturers.

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