Building safer businesses brick by brick

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Business-leaders swapped laptops for Lego at a fun workshop that delivered a serious message.

Participants of the Decisions and Disruptions cybersecurity event, which was co-hosted between the SW Regional Cybercrime Unit, City College and Acronyms, were full of enthusiasm when presented with the famous multicoloured bricks. After several minutes refamiliarising themselves with the popular children’s toy, it was down to business.

The event, which was held at Plymouth Science Park last month, used the Lego Serious Play initiative to highlight some of the real threats facing today’s businesses. Working in teams, the participants were tasked with safeguarding a fictional organisation – made entirely from Lego – from different scenarios based on real-life cyber threats. During the workshop, delegates had to use their leadership, communication, and collaborative skills to ensure that the risk of a cyber-attack had been strategically planned for while learning about the different technical, procedural and physical controls that can be used to protect their businesses.

Feedback on the day was very positive, with many attendees highlighting how engaging it was. For those who missed out on this event, another workshop is planned for May. The workshop is aimed at owners, managing directors or any senior-level staff who make decisions for their organisation. Understanding of technical IT concepts isn’t required.

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