Brexit: rebuilding relationships and resilience

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An impact and innovation project funded by the University of Plymouth.

Whatever the outcome of the current Brexit negotiations, the process has revealed the need to find ways of building positive relationships. For businesses in Cornwall and Devon this may mean negotiating new contracts with suppliers, resolving differences between staff and strengthening links with their local community. This project, led by experts in negotiation and conflict resolution aims to help businesses develop the capabilities they need to increase their capacity to negotiate new, positive relationships with key stakeholders.

The project involves:

  • A short confidential telephone interview to explore the potential impact of Brexit on your business and identify your interests.
  • A roundtable meeting focussing on ways in which you can build the capacity you need to negotiate new relationships and minimise and resolve any conflicts caused by our exit from the EU.
  • Training workshops which will provide participants with the key capabilities needed to build and sustain positive higher trust relationships. This may focus on core skills including negotiation, persuasion, communication and conflict resolution.

If you would like to take part in this project, please call Michele Fox on 01752 585742 or email at [email protected]