Bears, bogs and blisters face Cornish mothers on Canadian Challenge

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A pair of Cornish mums are taking on an incredible and dangerous challenge in order to raise awareness and funds for women suffering with the debilitating pregnancy condition.

Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) was the condition was famously experienced by the Duchess of Cambridge and affects thousands of women each year in Cornwall and across the UK.

Caitlin Dean, 38 and Lorraine Wright, 40 will be raising money for locally based charity Pregnancy Sickness Support which provides information and support for women with HG.

They’re looking to complete the Long-Range Traverse in Canada’s remote Newfoundland, a trek which will see the women scaling rugged mountains, crossing bogs and marshes and camping wild on the snowy ground while bears emerge from hibernation.

Lorraine, who has been a beauty therapist for 25 years and a lecturer at Cornwall College, said what an amazing challenge this will be for her.

“This isn’t just a physical challenge, but an emotional one as well,” she explained.

“I enjoy camping and being outdoors and although I am looking forward to the physical challenge, the biggest challenge for me will be out in the wilderness with no contact with my family.”

The five-day challenge will see the pair ascending gorges through thick vegetation reaching 600 meters in elevation, crossing waterways, navigating, abseiling and wild camping, right when hungry bears are emerging from hibernation.

Caitlin Dean, HG survivor and Chairperson for the Charity has survived HG three times said. “I know that I can get through anything having got through that, It’s our hope that by doing this challenge we can highlight just how hard an HG pregnancy is for the women suffering.”

“It’s not like normal pregnancy sickness, which is over by 14 weeks for 80% of sufferers. HG goes on and on and on for months – it’s a real endurance test,” she added.

They are nearly halfway with their fundraising efforts, contributions to the cause can be made at: